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The GU locksmith Pitch Place business has been operating for the last 7 years, starting in 2016. With years of experience and a diverse range of lock issues solved, the business has developed a broad skill set.

GU Locksmith Pitch Place provide services for Guildford and the surrounding areas.  We are operating all year round and our services are fully guaranteed.  We can be contacted at any time day or night.

Pitch Place House, formerly known as Cobbetts, is now available on the market for the first time in over five decades. This cherished family residence is believed to have originated in 1683, is Grade II listed, and was constructed with red brick and tiled roofing. It is described in Pevsner as a “mid-c17 house” with skilfully crafted “late” details, and notable characteristics include a Dutch gable and an abundance of historic features.

When you hear about burglaries on the local news, do you feel at least mildly concerned? Many individuals assume such incidents will never affect them, leading them to overlook essential security measures.

However, proper security measures can expose you to increased risks and expenses.

Neglecting investments in motion-detecting lights is one such example.  Although this may seem counterintuitive, how does spending money lead to savings? Yet, overlooking outdoor lighting ranks among the most significant blunders in home security.

Keep in mind that well-lit exteriors often deter potential intruders. However, leaving lights on continuously can inflate energy bills. The solution lies in motion-detection lights, that activate only when motion is detected, thus ensuring cost-effective security.  Additionally, imagine the deterrent effect when a light suddenly illuminates upon detecting movement near your property.

Choosing Outdated Solutions: A Common Pitfall in Home Security

Selecting the appropriate home security system requires assessing your specific needs. Can a standard system adequately address them? Contemporary security measures present several advantages, Smart home security systems are user-friendly. Smartphone control and intuitive interfaces simplify operations.  While some may entail higher initial costs, their long-term benefits outweigh those of traditional systems. They often lead to savings, such as reduced energy consumption.

Smart alarms, for instance, can instantly transmit images of your home to your smartphone upon activation, facilitating an immediate assessment of the situation.  This might seem peculiar at first glance, but there’s truth to it. Burglars could exploit your social media activity to track your movements, particularly through check-ins or status updates.  This could grant them unrestricted access to your property while you’re out. However, investing in a smart security system offers peace of mind. With remote control capabilities, you can enjoy your outings without worrying about the safety of your belongings.

Locks, like many other items in our home, are objects that we all take for granted until we face a problem that is out of our control, such as being locked out of the property or lock failure (broken keys, mechanism failure).  Often than not, it happens at times when we are least prepared for this eventuality.  This guide aims to explain five basic points that are common to most homes and would be able to benefit the user when dealing with a locksmith.

What is BS3621?

Standardised by the British Standard Institute, the BS3621 lock is classified as a thief-resistant lock and is normally fitted on external doors.  It stands to reason why most insurance companies require homeowners to install these locks on their properties.  

What is a dead-lock mortice lock?

A mortice deadlock is fitted inside the body of the door in a predetermined pocket, which is aligned with the door frame. Once it was inserted into the door, it allowed for a cleaner, more professional finish to the house entrance and provided cover for the looks from interfering hands and the elements.  Additionally, it provides a sleeker finish to entrance doors and buildings. Operated by a key, the lock will protect the property and can only be reopened by using the correct key to unlock it manually.

Is a sash lock a mortice lock?

Otherwise known as sash locks,  mortice sash locks, offer the same level of security as a regular mortice lock; however, they combine the mechanisms of a deadbolt, latch, and handle mechanism. A sash lock is a prevalent choice for lever locks, which are commonly used on interior and exterior doors, usually fitted within the body of the door.

What is a night latch lock?

A night latch is mounted onto the surface of a door on the internal side as opposed to being fitted within the door itself. It can then be locked into position from the inside, meaning the key cannot be turned from the outside. Most night latch locks are designed to lock the door once the door is slammed shut (The cause of many lockout calls).  

What is a hinge bolt?

The hinge bolts are designed to prevent doors from being lifted from their hinges. It’s manufactured from hardened steel and therefore resists hacksawing. Hinge bolts are essential for all outward-opening external timber. It prevents doors from being lifted under attack.

GU Locksmith Services approaches each job with a fresh look every task we are entrusted with is in some ways different from previous experiences.  While preparing to carry out repairs either within working hours or during the night for emergency calls, we carry a large number of spares and new locks to suit most doors and scenarios.